Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Are you using Google Keyword Tools? For SEO reasons, you should be

Google keyword tool allows you to view how many people search a particular phrase or word per month.

For example, I can find out how many people search 'Cheese' in a month. Why is this useful though? You don't want to be targeting words a phrases that get very few searches per month, and you also don't want to be competing against the big dogs (phrases like 'buy an iphone' or 'sex').

Using the 'comptetion' rating you can asses how likely you will be able to rank for that search term. In a nutshell, your looking for phrases that get searched a lot and have a low competition. These should be your keywords for your site.

More to come....


  1. thanks for the reminder...i used to do this all the time.

  2. hmmm good point should try that soon, gotta get more views :D

  3. handy informstion to know , thanks mate